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Stefania Barbaglio

Stefania Barbaglio / Founder

Known for her creativity, vivacious personality and entrepreneurial spirit. In early 2015, Stefania founded Cassiopeia Services, a global boutique Investor & Public Relations Agency based in London. The Company offers strategic media communications, Public and Investor relations, as well as branding and marketing strategies focusing on the new generation of social media and digital communications. 

Some call her the ‘Lara Croft’ of the small capital investment community. She’s become a well-known figure in the City of London, thanks to her outstanding experience in and innovative approach to media communications and networking. Her interest, knowledge and enthusiasm in seeking out investment opportunities has made her one of the most connected and sought-after consultants in the City. She presents a regular Financial web show – the Financial Fox – and personally hosts the Cassiopeia Symposia, a series of investor events specifically designed for companies and a selected audience of private investors.  

Stefania is a Member of the British Blockchain Association BBA Marketing and Communications Committee; an alumna of Oxford University where she studied Fintech & Financial Services Innovation and Blockchain & Crypto assets strategy. Stefania is very enthusiastic about the Blockchain revolution and reflects this passion in all of her work. She also has an MA in International Journalism from the University of Westminster, as well as 10 years’ previous experience as a freelance producer for mainstream TV channels, including Bloomberg, the BBC & leading in-house Investor Relations & PR departments

Italian by origin, her determination to succeed was drilled into her by the family enterprise, a dairy, agriculture and renewable business just outside Milan. Her father is a well-known entrepreneur in the industry and has thus passed on his success formula: sacrifice, ambition, and integrity. The family business ethos of out-of the-box methods still solidly underpins her approach and business model.

Her work ethic is balanced with a rigorous and competitive fitness regime. Beyond Cassiopeia, Stefania is Managing Director at the premier Italian organic food producer Rossorapa, she has keen interest in technology and innovation, particularly blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies, and collaborates with UK Universities on mentoring programmes. She is also a fashionista and a sponsored charity athlete, competing in triathlons and marathons across the world.

Pamela Machado / PR & International Media Relations

Brazilian journalist with international experience with a BA in Journalism from the University of Westminster, Pamela joined Cassiopeia as we expand to seek opportunities in emerging markets worldwide. Pamela fluent in three languages; she looks after Media Relations and market research internationally. She has a strong background in Journalism, Public Affairs, Politics, and Economics. Pamela’s storytelling focuses on how technology is shaping the world and challenging its associated powers, empowering developing economies. Pamela actions specifically in emerging markets, with a strong focus on researching development potential in Latin America. Her primary interest is in economic empowerment, international development, together with a passion for philosophy and historical literature.

Pamela Machado

Ed Gover / Creative Designer

Current design consultant and founder partner at Conscience Creative. Ed was formerly an Art Director at De Facto Communications plc. His highly creative and innovative approach is at the heart of successful advertising and marketing campaigns in both business-to-business and consumer sectors.

Ed’s expertise is primarily with design for print applications including corporate branding/identity, above and below the line advertising, point of sale, digital media and web design.

Bradley Corrigan / Communications & Social Media

Social media enthusiast and creative communicator, Brad has a strong interest in the evolution of new technologies within the marketing industry.

His education has solid English Literature and History foundations; his experience is diversified:  vegan ambassador, charity worker passionate about tackling food and plastic wastage in London, and a social media strategist for Universities.

Bradley Corrigan

Sushant Bhagat / Social Media Development - Blockchain

A Computer science engineer with a Master’s in Media Management from the University of Westminster in London. His eagerness to look at things in an analytical manner yet the ability to think out-of-the-box makes him the perfect blend of technology and creativity put together.

Sushant is a firm believer of the phenomenon ‘Media Convergence’ and has a strong instinct that if media & the blockchain technology are utilised together in an efficient manner, it is going to be a break-through & flourishing industry in the coming future.

Paul Bellamy / Digital Design & Developer

Paul has been designing and building digital solutions since 1996. During that time he has balanced his work between helping large international blue chip corporations and smaller start-up projects and charities, as they all face their own challenges which he enjoys helping them solve. Outside of this work Paul is a husband, father, writer, filmmaker and vegan food fanatic.

Paul Bellamy

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