Financial Fox

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Financial Fox

Financial Fox is a 'Real Deal' financial investor show, shot in the City of London and developed by Cassiopeia Services PR/IR.

Financial Fox's uniqueness is that it's not a media for 'soft interviews'. We investigate the truth, we explore and present new ideas, projects. We talk about innovation and social impact.

We also offer a hard-hitting forum, a unique opportunity for the tough questions retail Investors want answered.

We call it ‘Hard talk’, exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, CEOs of listed companies, challenging them with ‘uncomfortable’ questions. Famous and infamous city players are invited to take the challenge of a ‘Hard Interview’ on their business, trading, investment tips & lifestyles. 

Tone: fun, informative & combative. Must watch.

If you are interested in coming to our show, or are looking for advertising opportunities please contact Cassiopeia team at