RoR Politics: A digital solution to promote healthy political debate online

A first-of-its-kind project tailored for political debate, creating an integrated environment where “discussions on matters of public interest can be initiated and continued with contribution from different political parties and a fact-checking mechanism to support both sides equally,” said Matteo Flora, from Right of Reply.

Social media has become the primary means for businesses, politicians and decision makers to reach their audiences. As a consequence, we have witnessed the growth of fake news and increased media distrust, so political parties need tools to communicate clear and transparent messages to the public, reducing bias and partisanism, as well as nurturing a more informed and conscious electorate.

With widespread misinformation and biased content emerging from the political realm on social media, voters are increasingly vulnerable to manipulation by information fabricated to fit into propaganda.

In fact, research by the European Commission showed that, 85 percent of EU respondents believe fake news to be a problem in their country, with almost 83 percent perceiving false or misrepresentative information as a threat to democracy.

Addressing this problem, innovative tech company Right of Reply has designed a digital platform, RoR Politics, to counter misinformation and political propaganda online. RoR Politics is convenient and easy to navigate, making truthful information easy to reach, preventing bias and social bubbles.

“Most people are not used to looking into political debates anymore and are confined inside their own social media bubbles, always consuming the same kind of information,” Matteo adds.

Information displayed on RoR Politics is verified by an independent body, partner to RoR with no political affiliation to ensure balance. More than fact-checking, RoR Politcs is about creating an open environment for constructive political debate.

How does it work?

RoR Politics allows replies to be embedded in the same place as the original content, promoting open, democratic debate through five RoR patented tools:

1. About Me, About You: Automated updates on any web content — article, image, video, blog, forum — which mentions or quotes a particular politician, candidate or party in any manner; with new content specifically highlighted.

2. Speak Truth: Allows response to content by writing a reply and offering evidence of facts, helping the public to draw accurate conclusions by offering evidence and contextualisation.

3. Offer Debate: Offers the candidate cited and/or their opponent the opportunity to respond to specific content by writing a reply.

4. Response Available: Signals to voters and the general public on other search engines that the candidate’s response to content is available.

5. Public Talk: Creates one single certified online repository about a cited candidate and/or their opponent, including all content. Allows comparison between rival platforms and voting history.

Stefania Barbaglio, from Right of Reply commented: “Right of Reply is a socially aware company concerned about fairness and justice in all spheres. We harness innovative technologies to counter unfair content online and allow users to make informed decisions based on the truth. RoR Politics opens the gate to an era of accountability and truth in politics, re-establishing the balance of power in democratic societies in a time of weakening democratic institutions.”

Right of Reply is developing a range of platforms designed to improve debate online and manage online reputation. Visit its page

Exponential Technologies: Exploring the potential of tech companies to change the world

In the latest episode of the FinancialFox Podcast, Blockchain PR expert Stefania Barbaglio talked to David Orban, a visionary entrepreneur who sees our society as a product of the technological advancements mankind has witnessed so far.

David is a fierce advocate of exponential technologies: those that increase their power every couple of years and rapidly evolve. The power lies in leveraging on existing technologies to create better, more sophisticated ones. These changes, according to David, improve the lives of everyone around the world.

David has spent most of his life looking at innovative technologies and extrapolating their power to cause positive change. He believes companies harnessing evolving technologies shape our interactions with one another and, ultimately, our future.

David founded Network Society Ventures (NSV), a diversified global firm which is active in high technology investment, consulting and operations. The company helps its clients to understand exponentially changing technologies, the power of networks, distributed/decentralised organisations and their impacts on the clients themselves and the world at large.

“We are migrating from hierarchical centralised structures to decentralised ones that are going to push power to the edges. NSV looks at how businesses and society overall is addressing this transformation. Companies working with the Internet of Things, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, for example… These companies have the power to lay ground for the decade of technological and social growth,” says David.

These advancements are not only taking place within information technology, but extending to all sectors — healthcare, food chain, finance and management, among others.

David has recently joined Right of Reply (RoR), a blockchain-powered project which will deploy decentralised systems to help people and companies manage their online reputation.

David highlights that, in order to be part of this hyper-connected society, individuals have had to give up on their privacy and freedom, and it is time to claim this right back. RoR is deploying the latest technological advancements to protect the most important asset we have: our identities.

The exponential growth potential of RoR is its creation of a much-needed solution to fight bad actors and untrue content online, harnessing on blockhain structures to do so: “RoR chose architects that will work on the next generation of technological platforms as they mature and become available.”

RoR platforms, which will soon be released and available for users, has an important role in and contributes to supporting social justice by maintaining free press and fair media by providing management tools for online and real-world reputations.

“Decentralised technologies will continue to evolve and allow people to design better lives for themselves and create societal structures that benefit them,” believes David.

Technology for positive change. That’s what it is all about.

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Online Reputation Management is on the top list in today hyper connected world

Online presence is practically mandatory these days, for corporations and individuals alike. The complexity of building and preserving an online profile in the wilds of modern social media, as well as the need to manage online reputation, have prompted the surge of a new and fast growing tech market: online reputation management.
As building a reliable and authentic online presence is challenging, time consuming and potentially expensive, corporations and institutions are now also waking up to the importance of protecting their online image.According to Deloitte Global Risk Report, reputation damage is the number one risk concern of business executives across the world — rightly so, as research from Bright Local revealed that 85% of consumers trust online businesses reviews as much as personal recommendations, thus highlighting the urgency with which companies need to act to maintain their online integrity.The need for innovative and effective tools to track and manage online profiles has spurred the growth of an entire industry, called Online Reputation Management (ORM). ORM services are used to positively influence consumers’ perceptions about a product, company, brand or other entity in online media.The relatively young ORM market is indeed growing fast. Consulting firm BIA/ Kelsey estimates that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in North America spend up to $700m annually on online reputation management tools.“Executives can spend long years developing a strong brand. It can be beyond unsettling to wake up one day and see defamatory remarks appearing online, particularly when the items move beyond constructive criticism to include outrageous accusations and even slanderous or libelous remarks,” said Don Sorensen, president of Big Blue Robot, in an interview to Forbes.One of the main reasons behind this exponential growth of ORM services is the barriers users face when attempting to remove online data. In a Reputation Awareness report, 88% of respondents said that they find it difficult to remove inaccurate information from the internet. On top of that, studies indicate that the dissemination of negative news is a lot more rapid than positive news.Authorities have also felt the pressure to put regulations in place to address and prevent online misconduct. In 2015, the European Commission enacted the “Right to Be Forgotten” law which resulted in millions of pages being deleted from online search engines over the allegations that online results could damage people’s life.Despite efforts from central bodies, private ventures and start-ups are the ones really striving to solve and prevent issues, in particular initiatives deploying the latest technologies to build a stronger, more effective response mechanism.Investment Opportunity: Right of Reply (RoR)
Based in London, with a global network and footprint, Right of Reply (RoR) was born to allow everyone to respond personally and directly in a specific, unequivocal and timely manner to any online content that may affect his/her reputation.RoR is an innovative Social Impact Technology company providing rapid, low-cost, and legally sound solutions, to both individuals and enterprises to manage their reputations. Through its online platforms, RoR ensures anyone’s ability to counter unfair, inaccurate or erroneous content with timeliness and relevance, as well as offering media outlets protection against defamatory lawsuits and preventing spread of fake news.One of the main current challenge is that search engines evolve faster than the tools available on the ORM market. Exploring the use of innovative blockchain technology, RoR is inserting a modern take on the ‘Right of Reply’ — a right granted by British Common Law, to guarantee speed and accuracy.Under the principle of fairness, anyone who has been defamed has the right to reply to that claim in the same location and by the same means as the offender. In the online world, the medium is the “post” and the reply should therefore have the same timeliness and weight as the original post.RoR’s platform works by verifying the identity of the person cited in the original post and reserving a response position for that person, which is pinned to the original post. The blockchain ledger is permanently affixed to the response so that any future changes in the ledger will result in another alert on the ROR profile page of the cited person.Right of Reply has today reported its Audited Results for the period ended June 2018 which show a strong performance during the first half of the year 2018.“I am pleased to report initial positive results. Although they only refer to our first six months of operations, they bode well for the Company’s future as we are establishing RoR as a leading ground-breaking company operating in the online reputation management field, a market with high growth potential. We believe in the importance truth plays in maintaining a free and fair press, so have developed our unique set of management tools for online and real-world reputations,” commented CEO Tom BrooksRight of Reply is preparing for a public Listing.For more information feel free to get in touch with us at:

How a Blockchain powered platform could help to resolve the problem of online reputation management…

How a Blockchain powered platform could help to resolve the problem of online reputation management in a simpler and straightforward manner

Right of Reply and its unique blockchain powered servise RoRKey.
First of all, all starts from the KYC process.It is essential to ensure that only the subject of the article responds to any specific content related to his/her person. Our platform uses white label system apps — common to all our businness solutions — to underpin the blockchain infrastructure, which acts as a managing and identification system for digital identities.” says Right of Reply.Digital identities can be certified by KYC processes carried out by institutional third parties and authorities, complying with international standards.“Our users’ data will be stored in an identity wallet (I-Wallet) within the RoR App on their smartphone/tablets/computer, thus offering unparalleled security compared with storage on a central repository such as Facebook or Twitter”The I Wallet will be accessible through a self-generated identification number from a public key, and a corresponding private key. Users will then ask for certificates from relevant authorities, using KYC procedures.The definition of the standard to be used for saving the workflow in the blockchain is under development. This will significantly advance the offer of an open system linked to reputational issuesRight of Reply operates via its current 3 business solutions for both individuals and enterprises:• RoR: Right to Reply to Regulated content• RoCC: Right to Reply to credit check and reports• RoRKey: Right to Reply to any other form of online contentBased on the fact that it addresses counterparts such as editors of any media, who currently do not use blockchain technology in writing their content, RoR service is structured on a proven bur traditional technology.
RoCC service, which is confined by the same circumstances mentioned above, is aimed at credit agencies.Their platform offers the possibility to interact through a blockchain protocol in the event of their institutional counterparts, wi be ready to adopting similar protocols in both, formation and publication of their content.Blockchain technology and DLT allow consensus to be reached in a peer-to-peer network without having to trust a central authority, creating a trustless system where records of data are signed, verified and sealed in a decentralised way.Blockchain protocols will be used for RoRKey service offer, as well as to establishing the transactions workflow, resulting in a viable and secure solution for the management of public and private keys.Using the Right of Reply app as an identity wallet on the user’s smartphone, people can interact with the RoRKey application built on Ethereum’s blockchain.
Through a decentralised application (Dapp) RoRKey allows both every user to record the hash of any content on the blockchain and ultimately the content itself on the IPFS protocol, creating an open and decentralised registry for online reputation.
This Dapp doesn’t require people to trust RoRKey itself, because the company is merely a technical facilitator, a service provider between users and the blockchain decentralised application (Dapp). In this model, digital tokens are the economic incentive for creating and sustaining an ecosystem built around the RoRKey service. “Tokens are used to reward users and content creators for their collaboration, as well as to correspond Community arbitration services. RoRKey token is the key enabler to encourage fair communication on social networks and blogs, potentially addressing to the roots the problem of fake news currently threatening corporations like Facebook and other important players in the industry” says Right of Reply.See more on RORKEY at

Introduction to Right of Reply

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”

- Warren Buffett

For hundreds of years, a person’s reputation has been their most important asset. A reputation is something that can take years to build, but only seconds to crumble. We’ve seen this time and time again in the new age of social media. A study even found that 87% of executives rate online reputation management as more important than other risks. So why is our reputation so hard to protect?

Despite constant advances in technology and social media, there is still no integrated platform or service an individual can use to protect themselves from the spread of false information on the web. Unverified media sources can produce false content, with virtually no recourse. This increasing inability to determine the truthfulness of online content can be incredibly damaging to people and companies. For example, a rumour was spread years ago that Starbucks refused to send coffee to troops overseas. Despite this having been confirmed as false by the Company, it still appears frequently on social media, and the Company is still responding to queries.

Right of Reply has a new, innovative solution that empowers individuals to directly control their online reputation. Underpinned by a team of serial entrepreneurs with solid experience in technology, a proven track record and access to capital, Right of Reply (ROR) positions itself as an innovative leading player in the online reputation space. Right of Reply brings expertise and cutting-edge technology to what is often the wild terrain of online reputation management — empowering its clients to regain control of their reputations by telling their truth.

Right of Reply empowers individuals to protect their most valuable asset, their reputation.

The concept of ‘Right of Reply’ offers individuals the right to respond to any criticism made about them — in the same place that the original criticism was published. This concept is not new, yet not law in most countries. In many jurisdictions, there is no legally backed, systematic way to protect one’s reputation. Even when no one is trying to undermine the value of one’s reputation, it certainly appears that the right tools are not being made available for one to protect themselves if the potentially catastrophic spread of false information does start. In fact, 88% of adults agree that it’s very difficult to remove inaccurate information about themselves online. This is the exact problem that Right of Reply are tackling. Right of Reply offers three distinct services (RoR, RoCC and RoRKEY) that grant individuals the freedom to respond to anything posted about them on the internet in a timely, legally sound manner. Right of Reply believes that everyone should be able to tell their truth, and that their low cost, legally sound service will revolutionise the way that people manage their online reputations.

Right of Reply understands that more and more employers are checking applicants’ social media accounts, searching applicant’s names on the internet, and using the internet to find out as much as they can before hiring a person; in fact, 70% of employers admit to not having hired an employee because of online content. In 2018, we are seeing an unprecedented ability to access information that we would never have seen before. Right of Reply wants to help people everywhere make sure that the information about them on the internet is accurate and represents their truth.

Right of Reply, or RoR

ROR empowers individuals to respond to negative or erroneous online content through its suite of patented search, respond and publish tools. RoR enables the general public to access multiple perspectives on specific content, and offers media outlets protection against defamatory lawsuits.

Reply on Credit Check, or RoCC.

Typically, when banks and other financial institutions are deciding whether to grant loans, they complete a credit check to assess the risk factor of any given person. These credit checks do not reflect the unique situation of the person, and do not offer the ability to justify and explain credit history or offer any extra details. RoCC will revolutionise the way that money is borrowed by allowing individuals the ability to respond to information found on a credit check. Financial inclusion in the 21stcentury is a huge issue, and by giving individuals the power to respond to information on their credit check, add new information, and provide documentation to challenge inaccurate information, we can take a step towards a society based on fair financial assessment. This service could help countless people around the world access credit. For example, 20% of Americans have an error on their credit report. With RoCC, they will be able to correct these errors.

RoRKEY. Register of Reputation Keys

A decentralised register of reputation powered by blockchain technology, allowing anyone to store the proof of any digital content associated to their identity.

Powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology, RoRKEY has created an ecosystem centred on reputations, where users will have their own unique digital identity linked to a personal public key on blockchain.

RoRKEY gives users an online platform where they can quickly and easily address and personally reply to any negative online content, especially on unregulated media like social networks and blogs.

The software is quickly and easily integrated into many online media platforms. Platforms benefit from these innovative and easy-to-use tools by ensuring the accuracy of their content and avoiding time-consuming and expensive legal consequences from people mentioned in their content.

RoRKEY aims to become the foundation of the biggest ecosystem for decentralized and independent protection of personal rights in the realm of communication.

Right of Reply is a certified Social Enterprise UK member

Social Enterprise UK is the largest social enterprise network in the UK, they are the leading global authority on social enterprise, paving the way in promoting equality through business. They firmly believe that social enterprise is the best way to create a truly equal society. This vision is something that Right of Reply enthusiastically shares — which is why they have become a certified member of SEUK.

“All businesses regardless of their set up have a role to play in creating a fairer, more sustainable world” — Social Enterprise UK

Social Enterprise UK works with some of the largest companies across both the private and public sectors. This unrivaled platform means that they can create real, lasting change. Some of the companies Social Enterprise UK work with include Santander, Johnson&Johnson, NHS England, the British Council and many more.

The services Right of Reply bring to the market come at an important point in time. It is becoming increasingly difficult to determine the truthfulness of online content and this poses a huge risk to personal reputations. RoR services finally offer low-cost and easy protection of your most valuable asset — your reputation.

Visit to learn more.