Save the Date: Cassiopeia Investor Symposium Autumn 2019

Cassiopeia Services is delighted to announce the next edition of our renowned Investor Symposia, the exclusive London Investor Event which gathers investors, company executives, and market watchers and influencers together in prestigious central London venues for an evening of networking and discovering investment opportunities.

Whether you are a shareholder, private or institutional investor, industry professional or thought leader, our symposia provide a unique opportunity. We facilitate connections and ongoing dialogue between companies, shareholders and market opinion leaders. Information is key to investment and trading.

In these times of market uncertainty, establishing the right connections gives investors the edge to choose the best fit for their investment.

This October, our Symposium will be held at a new location, Home Grown Private Members’ club for high-growth entrepreneurs and investors in Central London. Home Grown is an exclusive venue perfectly positioned to act as a catalyst for business development.

This edition’s theme will be Natural Resources, presented in an innovative format with two sessions to combine market insights from analysts and companies to watch. This is the time for investors to gather knowledge on and insight into how to best manage their investments in natural resources at a time when external factors are shaking up the market.

Opinion leaders and financial media representatives, market influencers and well-known City traders regularly attend our events to gain insight into market trends and promising stocks. In this edition, former SP Angel oil & gas analyst and director at O&G Advisors, Zac Phillips, and gold fund manager Angelos Damaskos, will join for more insight on the markets.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas stocks are a must in any investment portfolio. In 2018, oil production increased nearly 9% from 2017, hitting the highest UK oil production rate since 2011. In 2019, UK oil and gas upstream investment is expected to witness a projected 4% increase.

Additionally, gas is increasingly becoming a primary source of energy for the UK. Last year, natural gas represented nearly 40% of UK’s primary energy usage, up on the previous year.

data from Carbon Brief, August 2019

Zac Phillips, the well-known Director of Oil Gas Advisors and former SP Angel analyst, will be talking to investors about this space.

Union Jack Oil (UJO): One of the hottest stocks on the London AIM market in 2019 is small-cap Union Jack Oil. UJO caught investors’ attention this summer with the discovery of the West Newton project, which represents one of the largest onshore discoveries in the UK. Evaluation of the West Newton project showed a significant oil and gas discovery rather than a pure gas discovery as originally perceived. The UJO company also operates several other assets, among the biggest being the Biscathorpe and Wressle wells, both holding considerable potential and set to generate encouraging results in 2020.

Zenith Energy (ZEN) is a company operating the largest onshore oilfield in Azerbaijan in partnership with SOCAR, as well as nine natural gas assets in Italy. Listed on both the Canadian TSX Venture and the London Stock Exchange Main Market, Zenith’s strategy is to acquire and develop assets with untapped reserves and existing production. By the close of 2020, Zenith plans to achieve a production target of 3,000 bopd. The Company owns a fleet of 3 rigs, comprised of a 1,200hp drilling rig and two workover rigs.

Gold & Metals

it’s highly likely that they are already watching gold market as it has been growing stronger in the past weeks, especially in India, where gold prices have hit a record high. The forecast is set to continue positively, a trend which could be attributed to uncertainties in the global market, which favours the market for gold and precious metals as store of value.

Mixed economic data, persisting trade worries, Brexit uncertainty and the loose monetary policy stance of central banks are some of the factors specialists predict will push the price of gold up. Angelos Damaskos, CEO of Sector Investments and mining analyst will be sharing his views on gold and metal trends.

St Georges Mining (SX) Established in 2009, St Georges is a Canadian company, focused on mining activities and developing new technologies to solve today’s biggest environmental and energy problems. St Georges develops metal processing technologies which can be deployed to reduce the environmental impact of mining operation, while improving profitability and the financial bottom line of current base metals producers. St Georges has a diverse portfolio of mining projects including assets in Iceland and Canada, where it explores minerals and metals including gold, copper and zinc but also lithium and nickel, which power new technologies.

IMC Exploration (IMC) the newly listed Ireland-based mining exploration company IMC focuses on gold and base metals. IMC is well positioned to deliver value to its shareholders building on its resource potential and portfolio, which holds 6 prospecting licences on the east coast of Ireland. Three of the licences are aimed at targeting an area in Ireland which is considered to have high grade gold. The other two licences are operating in Tailings and Spoils Avoca, which has seen great results along with a recently acquired CPR.

Registrations are open via EventBrite here.

We see you there!

Rockhopper Exploration: Is The ‘Love’ Returning?

<head><title>Rockhopper Exploration: Is The ‘Love’ Returning? </title></head>

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Rockhopper Exploration is a well-funded AIM listed full-cycle E&P company with its heart in two places: the Falklands islands (RKH 2010 Sea Lion Discovery & Development story with significant upside) and the Greater Med’ (Recent revenue and cash flow story with upside associated)

Market Cap: £107.39m

Share price: 23.50

RKH’s half-year results published last week have been glossed over by investors who still believe nothing is going to happen here anytime soon or before 2018. However, as we all know in investing, the best time to back a company is when the stock is not hot. It would appear that solid, dormant stock can yield big rewards when it wakes up. Sound Energy (SOU) is an example of a re-rate after their Moroccan Discovery, although the re-rate is usually accompanied by lots of news.

The stock fell from 38.50 mid-2016 to 18.50p in August this year and is now back up, trading at over 23p. Bear in mind that it was trading above 150p in 2014 and even higher before, during the Golden Age for Oil. The fall in the share price was clearly correlated to the oil price volatility, which dropped significantly over the last 3/5 years. It’s important to understand the complexities of this fall from grace which was exacerbated by the presence of an institutional seller, which has now been cleared.

Evident signs of RKH resurrection are all there (see Half year report-Highlight):

* Material increase in production & revenues

* operating and general/administrative costs both down

* Sales of Italian projects and new venture opportunities (corporate activity)

In his recent Presentation at Proactive Oil Capital, CEO and co-founder Sam Moody outlined RKH strategy over the next 12–18 months with priority to progress on the Sea Lion development.

“The Sea Lion project is our primary focus now as we aim to be in a position to sanction the project during 2018.”

The company is focused on progressing Sea Lion in the Falklands, described as “one of the big 5 biggest nondeep water discoveries,” and “a well-appraised and world-class material asset”, which has an expected sanction in 2018. Confidence in the project has increased, particularly with the operator Premier Oil (PMO) — RKH 40% stake & PMO holds 60% — also concentrating on its debt renegotiations and both parties now working on a funding package comprised of senior debt financing from Export Credit Agency (ECA) ($800 million ~£605.5 million) and vendor financing ($400m).

How profitable is Sea Lion?

We must remember that Sea Lion was independently audited by ERCE (May 2016) to contain over half a billion barrels of recoverable oil as best estimate, with upside to 900mmboe in the already discovered reserves base: low-risk upside, and those are recoverable oil numbers. Next door to Sea Lion, in the relatively low-risk near- field exploration prospect, there are between 200,000 or 500,000mln, a clear case of exploration upside.

Let’s not forget that Rockhopper has an excellent track record of finding oil in this space. The company has up to today drilled about 12 wells in the Sea Lion area, 10 of which have been successful. Phase III of which RKH has a greater ownership than Sea Lion also has the potential to be another 1bn barrel discovery, although issues with the blow out preventer on the Eirik Raude rig prevented this from being properly extrapolated into ERCE’s figures.

Developing Sea Lion

The Front-End Engineering Design, (FEED) which is the basic engineering which comes after the Conceptual design or Feasibility study for the Sea Lion Phase 1 project was largely completed in 2016 with expected capex to fall from $1.8 billion to $1.5 billion, with life of field costs now reduced to $35/barrel.

The field will be developed in, at least, 2 phases: the first phase will target 220mmboe recoverable and the second phase at about 300mmboe recoverable. Both Rockhopper and Premier are also in negotiations with the Falklands Islands Government (FIG) regarding the fiscal, environmental and regulatory matters associated with the project. We should hear from them after the general election on 9 November 2017. Those elements would make the project more attractive to potential farm-in partners, which we know is part of the strategy.

Greater Mediterranean pays the bills

Rockhopper’s Med’ portfolio, which comprises interests in Egypt and Italy, has been crucial for the company as it provides operational cash flows which are covering H1 G&A costs.

Egypt (acquired cheaply in mid-2016) has provided stable production and cash flow to continue in H2. Italy has been a slower. The Guendalina field in North Adriatic, ENI operator (320boe/d), which although entering in the decline phase, still provides significant cash flow over the medium term; Civita (130boe/d) will be sold to Cabot Energy (CAB LN) with a deal to be completed towards the end of 2017. Ombrina Mare has been a “pain in the ass, “ and RKH has commenced international arbitration proceedings against the Italian authorities. The arbitration could provide significant value in recovering considerable monetary damages.

The upside in the Italian portfolio is in Monte Grosso in southern Italy, which is the largest undrilled onshore project in Western Europe. The asset could be a potential company maker with a 1 in 4/5 Chance of Success (COS) and 250M barrels of recoverable oil. RKH has a 23% interest with partners ENI and Total.

Strong balance sheet to support growth

Amid a volatile and challenging oil market, the strength of RKH is its strong balance sheet with US$62.5 million cash in the bank and no debt, which can cover H2 capex and give the flexibility to bring in new assets which can add production and enhance cash flow It has been stated that “multiple” material new ventures are also under review and, with the current privileged financial position, RKH is definitely well-positioned to strike a great deal.

Market Guru Zak Mir’s Verdict

Rockhopper (RKH): 35p Broadening Triangle Target

Although the fundamentals of Rockhopper have been testing the patience of investors for quite some time, it would appear that the log jam in terms of the price has finally been broken. This is said not only in the wake of the push back above the main 17p — 20p 2017 support zone, but also above the 200 day moving average now at 22.14p.

The fact that this recovery of the 200 day line has occurred via an unfilled gap to the upside suggested significant positive momentum, and most likely a bear squeeze. All of this could possibly take the stock as high as 35p over the next 3–4 months, which is the top of a broadening triangle that can be drawn in from as long ago as the beginning of the year. Only a weekly close back below 20p would really cast lasting doubt on the recovery argument here at Rockhopper. The gap higher through the 200 day moving average hints that a seller has been cleared.

City Oil Guru Malcolm Graham-Wood from Malcy’s Blog more positive on RKH

“Rockhopper has always been a bit of a slow burner regarding recommendation as repeatedly mentioned in justifying bucket list inclusion, but now I do think that things are on the move and, if the current discussions on financing prove successful, then maybe we are closer to pressing the go button.”

Peel Hunt upgrade with target price to 40p (from 25p)

Mid Cap City Broker Peel Hunt has recently upgraded its RKH valuation based on the confidence in a funding package secured for the Sea Lion development in the near term, as well on the general reduction of costs and risk. “In our view, the market has not yet fully appreciated how advanced these discussions are and the potential for the project to make meaningful progress over the next 12 months. Therefore, Rockhopper has remained overlooked and we believe the shares represent a significant opportunity at current levels. We upgrade our recommendation to Buy and set our target price at 40p, a 40% discount to Risked NAV. “

The upside at the current trading price of 23p could be significant. Reading Oil Analyst reports, it is clear that Sea Lion is not included in the share price as there is still uncertainty around when Premier will press the button on production. It might be a slow burner, as Malcy said, but when it comes to the boil, all looks highly promising, with share prices likely to rocket.


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Cassiopeia presents: CargoCoin

Cassiopeia Services, the boutique IR/PR agency leading the blockchain revolution is thrilled to announce CargoCoin as the fourth confirmed company presenting at our Symposium on Wednesday 21st November at the May Fair Hotel.

CargoCoin is revolutionising global trade and transport by implementing decentralised technologies into the supply chain. The company links the physical world of trade, transport and logistics with the blockchain by replacing paper documents with smart contracts and providing secure escrow payments throughout the process. Incorporating blockchain into the supply chain means stronger ethics, more sustainability and better consumer protection.

A supply chain encompasses many levels, from manufacturing to consumer use and multiple actors in between: producers, shippers, warehouses and governments to name only a few. The current globalised manufacturing system implies that these typically complex supply chains actually surpass geographical boundaries, sometimes intercontinentally. In the current model, this results in a lack of transparency. Consumers have limited knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process, allowing flaws and discrepancies to go unnoticed by the public eye.

An open-sourced traceable supply-chain can help tackle problems like Payment Cycle, cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention by establishing a trust protocol, as records are inalterable and cannot be deleted. Furthermore, an integrated system is likely to reduce the time and costs involved in the process. It is estimated that costs of trade-related paperwork amount to about 15 to 20 percent of transport expenditure. With blockchain, key quality indicators can be recorded from IoT devices from each point of the product’s journey, lowering fees, which ultimately results in cost savings.

Joshua Alexander, investment advisor and cyber security auditor, will be presenting Cargo Coin this Wednesday at our symposium.

About Cassiopeia Investor Symposia

The Cassiopeia Symposia series are exclusive events for selected companies and investors to network in an informal and friendly setting. We facilitate connections and an ongoing dialogue between companies and market opinion leaders.

At the end of each presentation, investors will have the opportunity to ask the management team questions during a Q&A session, after which a fine selection of drinks and canapes will be offered to all our guests.

In addition to CargoCoin, we will introduce guests to Andalas Energy, an AIM-listed company which has been in the spotlight recently over its newly-acquired assets in the North Sea as well as its positioning in Indonesia; and Right of Reply, an innovative technology company with a flagship blockchain-powered platform for online reputation management, coming soon onto the LSE market. We will also hear from the developers of Neurotrader, a software application designed to maximise trading performance and generate consistent rates of returns to investors.

You can watch presentations from the previous symposia and exclusive interviews with CEOs on our YouTube channel here


Alternative Assets Class: Bear market mood leaves investors seeking more stable options

Equity markets took a dramatic plunge last week. On Friday 26th, global markets recorded their longest losing streak since May 2013 . The MSCI all-country world index, tracking stock markets in 47 developed and emerging countries, closed down 3.7% on Friday.

Despite slight gains over the last couple of days, global markets were still down more than eight per cent for the month. Concerns over Brexit negotiations, as well as the dispute between the Italian government and the EU over the country’s budget, have impacted the markets negatively.

In fact, indexes have been oscillating since 2016 after the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump in the US led to trade wars and political tensions. These factors have been shaking up the market mood more severely, having direct impact over stocks around the globe.

Equity shareholders are therefore gearing up to take their investments into other areas. But where? The sentiment is no more positive in the crypto sphere. Aside from its typical volatility, the crypto market started the week low and showed no significant bounce.

The cryptocurrency market peaked last year when the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed, reaching $19,000, and the crypto market cap nudged $700 billion. Since then, the Bitcoin price has crashed over 50%, with an ensuing 56% decline of the crypto market cap to $209 billion.

The search for investment options that are less reactive to political environment and market volatility, and safer than cryptocurrencies, opens the way for new forms of bond designed to resist market pressure and provide returns even in adverse circumstances.

Such options may sound unconventional, but they represent a favourable alternative, as well as being a good portfolio diversifier. According to asset managers, they can act as another source of income generation, potential capital appreciation and good balance of volatility.

Stefania Barbaglio, Director at IR firm Cassiopeia Services, which works closely with investors, commented: “Investors are very concerned about the recent market downturn and whether it represents an opportunity to buy, or rather is a warning of a further crash in light of Trump’s policies and the approach of Brexit."

"Some investors are switching to the crypto market and ICOs, where the worst seems to have passed and there is still opportunity to make money in an unregulated booming market; while others are playing on long-term market fundamentals such as uranium upturn or are trying to identify stocks that withstand this volatility. Quite a few are selling and cashing up and waiting for the right investment opportunity.”

Essentially, it is all about a diversified and balanced investment portfolio, powered by thorough and savvy research. Sometimes it is not about how much money you have to invest, but how smart your investment strategy is.

Alternative Assets: Attractive investment option in a bear market

Life settlements is a fragmented, niche sector not on the radar of the standard investor, but it should be. These assets are opening a new door for life insurance buyers and sellers. As birth rates go down and life expectancy keeps increasing, life settlements represent a growing asset group and an investment option suited for investors looking towards assets with less volatility and market sensitivity.

London-listed innovative alternative asset specialist Alpha Growth plc, (LSE: ALGW) is one of the best positioned companies in this sector. The company has great prospects and excellent growth opportunities through acquisitions of complementary and supplementary service providers. Alpha is planning expansion of the business with organic growth, particularly in Europe and internationally. The business started in the US, but Alpha is seeking to grow in the European, Asian and international markets.

Alpha Growth is a financial advisory business providing specialist consultancy, advisory and supplementary services to institutional and qualified investors globally in the multibillion dollar market of longevity assets. With solid experience in the North American market, as well as a global footprint, Alpha is looking to explore young markets. Life settlement markets in Europe, Asia and non-US territories are still immature, but with a growing number of investors, offer great scope for growth and returns.

Since listing on the London Market in December last year, Alpha has addressed the growing need for investments which are more flexible and suitable to current market conditions, launching a hybrid bond tailored to meet the high standards of institutional investors; as well expanding its operations with the acquisition of Alpha Longevity Management Limited.

Earlier this year, Alpha launched its innovative product: a hybrid security called High Yield Return (HYR). The HYR is an attractive risk yield over a 10-year term with minimal correlation to equity and commodity markets, meaning that investors and insurers are not vulnerable to market volatility and price crashes — a very attractive option in these times.

The product is a debt equity hybrid investment, coupled with risk management and quality-rated collateral that provides diversity and safety in return for a range of investors, institutions and insurers.

The market for our services is very niche; we are the only advisory business in this segment with a footprint in the UK and the US, where the assets originate. As an alternative asset, life settlement provides a very high-risk adjusted yield compared to other asset classes. Furthermore, longevity assets are uncorrelated to other financial markets and you know what your return is going to be, your rate is basically locked in,” says Gobind Sahney, Alpha Growth Executive Chairman.

The upward journey of the company and the opportunities in this space are reflected in the rise of its share price since IPO at 1.25p, escalating more prominently after the acquisition of Alpha Longevity in September.

For more information about Alpha Growth visit the company’s website: and contact PR and IR Representative Stefania Barbaglio at

Cassiopeia Investor Symposium: Autumn 2018

Following on from the success of our previous symposia, the Cassiopeia team is back with our Autumn Symposium. We’ll be at the Mayfair Hotel in central London with exciting companies to watch out for. Save the date: 21st November 2018 from 6.30 pm.

Whether you’re a shareholder, investor or trader and regardless of your level of experience or strategy, the ethos of our symposia is to create an opportunity for investors to meet company directors and get actively involved in sourcing information. We facilitate connections and an ongoing dialogue between companies and market opinion leaders. Information is key to investment and trading.

The Cassiopeia Symposia series are exclusive events, only for selected companies and investors to network in an informal and friendly setting.

Investors are welcome to attend the presentations in what will be an relaxed atmosphere where they can meet company managers face to face and network with other existing shareholders or investors to discuss company strategy, plans, developments and value.

In this edition, we will introduce guests to Andalas Energy, an AIM-listed company which has been in the spotlight recently over its newly-acquired assets in the North Sea as well as their positioning in Indonesia; and Right of Reply, an innovative technology company with a flagship blockchain-powered platform for online reputation management, coming soon onto the LSE market.

We will also hear from the developers of Neurotrader, a software application designed to maximise trading performance and generate consistent rates of returns to investors.

At the end of each presentation, investors will have the opportunity to ask the management team questions during a Q&A session moderated by multi-awarded winning ADVFN International Financial Blogger Daniel Levi, aka the Infamous BrokermanDan.

Opinion leaders, market influencers and well-known City traders regularly attend our events.

Presenting companies:

Andalas Energy (LSE: ADL) is an AIM-listed Oil & Gas company with an international energy business focused on developing upstream assets, applying innovative solutions to generate revenue. Andalas is in partnership to develop a series of wellhead IPPs in Indonesia, and more recently acquired assets in the North Sea, while currently in discussion on new projects with a third party in Indonesia. Under new management, Andalas is operating with a fresh strategy and is committed to delivering value to its shareholders. Visit Andalas website for more information:

Right of Reply (RoR) is an innovative Social Impact Technology company providing rapid, low-cost and legally sound solutions to individuals and enterprises to help manage their online reputations. With a fresh approach to a growing problem, RoR ensures everyone’s ability to counter unfair, inaccurate or incorrect content with timeliness and relevance. RoR offers platforms for regulated media, products for credit checking and scoring, as well as services for digital identity and social media. Visit Right of Reply website for more information:

Neurotrader is a suite of software applications to enhance the decision-making effectiveness of the trader through the use of wearable technology. Based on the concept of trading as a peak performance sport, NeuroTrader is creating the science of optimal decision making for traders globally. Monitoring the trader and its biodata in real-time, it provides the opportunity to effectively mitigate risk and optimize performance and create stable, consistent rates of return as a function of their biological responses to price and market sentiment. Where performance is measured, monitored and managed. For more information on how to gain your trading competitive advantage, please visit NeuroTrader webiste:

You can watch presentations from the previous symposia and exclusive interviews with CEOs on our YouTube channel here

A fine selection of drinks and canapes will be offered to all our guests. An evening you can’t miss!

Register here See you in November!

It is time to invest in Bitcoin & Gold

Amid ups and downs in both equities and crypto, having both assets in your portfolio could be the way to bolster security against falling markets. The recent bullish season on the crypto market has been luring some investors to shift their assets from physical gold into what is believed to be Gold 2.0.
By the end of last week, the gold price hit an 18-month low, marking last July as a consecutive month of falling prices, the longest streak for gold since 2013. Experts point out that the reason behind the price drop is falling demand around the globe and strong economic growth in the US over the first half of the year. On the other side of the spectrum, Bitcoin has been going through a bullish season, reaching over $7,000 on Friday, ending on an optimistic tone the rollercoaster ride that has been bitcoin value so far this year. In his recent interview with CNBC Gabor Gurbacs, director of digital asset strategies at VanEck/MVIS, said ‘Bitcoin is used as digital gold today. It’s a de-risk asset. Basically, if someone wants to outlay systematic risk, then one would go to access gold or digital gold (bitcoin),’ he added. While some sceptics still highlight the volatility of the crypto market, we believe that with the current low mood on the equities market, investors could look towards crypto with more interest. A hedging strategy of both crypto and gold investment could be the solution. Bitcoin can actually be good for gold, believes Online Blockchain CEO Clem Chambers. Even for the most traditional investors, there are significant advantages to investing in crypto, believes crypto master Clem Chambers: “Gold and Bitcoin are both assets used as a store of wealth in troubled times. Bitcoin is better than gold as gold is simply not safe to keep. You are easily robbed of gold, but a cold wallet is much hard to steal.” Cryptocurrencies are indeed easily transferable abroad, securely stored in a mobile wallet, and can be traded to other fiat currencies as needed. “Bitcoin has a massive upside against gold.” However, it does not mean that you need to bet all your coins on Bitcoin. In fact, Chambers believes that Bitcoin can even be beneficial for gold, that the two assets complement each other, as such offering more options to store wealth and working together as insurance assets against times of financial turmoil. “Assets… you can’t have too many of them. New media does not destroy old media, in fact new media generally creates even more demand for the established media. TV didn’t destroy the movies, comics didn’t destroy books, paperbacks didn’t destroy hardbacks, the internet didn’t destroy computer games. The same goes for Bitcoin and Gold,” says Chambers. “Bitcoin is new wealth in the same way as a new gold mine would make the world wealthier. There is no reason that Bitcoin can’t be worth what all the gold on earth is, or much more. Bitcoin has a better use case than gold but the use case of Bitcoin is not exactly the same as gold and will not make it obsolete.” Bitcoin 2.0: Crypto follows Gold as insurance again falling markets Crypto has garnered some support among asset managers as well, who are enthusiastic about including cryptocurrencies in investments — along with gold, which has always been a component of refined portfolios. Amanda Van Dyke, Fund Manager at South River Asset Management believes in smart investment strategies that can edge the protect from usual volatility in the market. Gold and Bitcoin are her preferred assets: “One of the many functions of gold in our financial system is as insurance again falling markets, currencies, inflation, and frankly just world economic chaos. A small part of most sophisticated investor portfolios has always included gold. In this new economic landscape Bitcoin and Crypto currencies are also entering that space. They like gold serve as an alternative to the market, a bit of insurance, slightly outside the general financial system.” It is important to remember that bitcoin is just one coin in the sea that is the cryptocurrency market. There is a wide variety of other tokens being traded on the crypto exchange, many with plenty of potential. Do your research, look for alternative tokens to invest in, and find your niche.