The internet era as we know it really started in the early 2000’s, riding on the wave of the first high-processing computers.

The dawn of the internet has not only brought advances to society but has also ushered in a digital revolution that is still transforming how the world operates. With people getting more comfortable with the technology almost 20 years later, there’s now a plethora of use cases offered by high-performance devices. DLT, blockchain, digital assets, big data and AI are the new disruptive elements in today’s digital revolution.

AI and Blockchain are becoming more seamlessly integrated and enhanced each day and their use in various applications is changing the world as we know it.

Automated ledgers have already started to replace manual book keeping methods, the implications of which have already made waves in the fintech industry: Banks and other financial authorities sent ripples through to experiment with blockchain to upgrade their business models and offer greater ease operability to their consumers; investors are (gradually/tentatively) venturing away from traditional assets towards crypto assets; and Big Data has become the new oil, with data security and privacy a major issue to be grappled with.

In the upcoming Financial Fox, Founder Stefania Barbaglio will be hosting a special programme Everything you need to know about Blockchain, Digital assets, Big Data and Markets, focusing on the technology revolution and its implications. Distributed ledger technologies like blockchain are currently transforming industries and revolutionising the ways companies and governments operate. Decentralised applications and smart contracts are being used more and more across a variety of use cases for businesses, governments, individuals and even IoT devices.


This exclusive Financial Fox episode will welcome four forward-thinking experts in the technology field. Part One will see Stefania speak with Jean-Philippe Beaudet, Director and CTO of Canada based Zeu Crypto Networks and James Bennet, CEO of Byte Tree. Both Jean-Philippe and James have been recognised for their immense contribution to the blockchain and digital assets space.

Jean-Philippe Beaudet, Director & CTO Zeu Crypto Networks

Jean-Philippe Beaudet is an experienced gaming developer who has researched natural language processing for Luminary, a private American research lab. Cultivating an interest in machine learning and decentralised technology led him to co-found S3R3NITY Technologies, a technology incubator from which he launched numerous start-ups. He was an early enthusiast of blockchain technology and contributed to major projects such as a Bitcoin brokerage platform and a marketing data analytics tool for financial institutions. Identifying the opportunity to marry blockchain technology with artificial intelligence to meet the need for a decentralised data market, he founded VN3T. He is also the President and Chairman of VSEKUR. He is an advisor on multiple blockchain initiatives and a regular conference speaker.

James Bennet, CEO Byte Tree

“James moved into the crypto-asset space in early 2017 after completing a financial management program at General Electric. Initially working as an independent consultant, he founded crypto-asset consultancy Bitassist, where he worked on a number of high-profile projects. James is currently the CEO of on-chain analytics platform ByteTree, where he leads the product development and commercialisation of the ByteTree investor terminal.”


Part Two will have more emphasis on blockchains, digital assets and their impacts on the markets in a conversation between Stefania; Michele Curtoni, VP, State Street’s Digital Product Development and DLT team; and Pietro Lanza, General Manager at Intesa, IBM.

Michele Curtoni is VP in State Street’s Digital Product Development and DLT team. Prior to this role, he was manager and strategy leader for LSEG Emerging Technologies group. Michele currently focuses on working in the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Digital Assets space, a field he has been active in for the past 4 years. In his roles to date, Michele has covered many aspects of the innovation cycle, from working on implementing business applications and proof of concepts with emerging technologies, to start-ups and wider Fintech space engagement. For over four years, he also held a central role in LSEG Group Strategy division, overseeing several of the Group’s high profile acquisitions and corporate partnerships as well as other Group strategic initiatives. Michele holds an MSc from the University of Warwick in Economics and International Financial Economics (EIFE).

Pietro Lanza is an experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services, management consulting, technology solutions and internet industries.
After supporting several banks in developing their digital strategies he is now involved in relevant projects across Europe, USA, Latin America, Middle East and China. He is extremely passionate about Blockchain, AI and IoT.

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World Ethical Data Forum announces it is partnering with Malta AI and Blockchain summit for the…

World Ethical Data Forum announces it is partnering with Malta AI and Blockchain summit for the Big Data Workshop

Cassiopeia Services, a London-based leading PR and IR agency and the official PR for World Ethical Data Forum (WEDF), is pleased to announce that World Ethical Data Forum (WEDF) will be partnering with Malta AI and Blockchain summit, Winter edition for an exclusive workshop on big data. The summit will be held from the 7th to 8th November 2019, at the InterContinental Arena conference centre, St Julian’s, Malta.

The Big Data workshop during the AI and Blockchain Summit is scheduled to be divided into two parts for a total duration of 2 hours devoting an hour to each segment. The first half of the workshop will focus entirely on the immediate need to address the issues related to ethical big data. Following afterwards, the second half of the programme will concentrate majorly on a deep analysis of more technical issues such as machine learning and deep learning.

For both the sessions of the workshop there will be 2 panel discussions along with 2 keynote pitches. The comprehensive schedule of the first session dealing with ethical big data will include a keynote session on the value of data and the associated ethical problems in the present world scenario. The other keynote session will feature more on the issues related to censorship, data intelligence as well as government policies. The panel discussion of the first half will have a debate on the recent data breaches and their implications on the big technology conglomerates along with the type of regulations needed to stop data abuse. The second panel discussion will be dedicated to another aspect of ethical data such as fake news and the obligations for responsible journalism.

The itinerary for the second half of the session will be spread over the positive deconstruction of new data technologies and their applications. This session will also feature panel discussions and keynote addresses on data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the emerging trends in blockchain and related technology.

Stefania Barbaglio, Cassiopeia Services Director said: “We are excited to be partnering with the AIBC for the World Ethical Data Forum. Following on the last years monumental success of the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, we are convinced of a phenomenal workshop on big data this November as well. The WEDF is a platform dealing with the wide spread adoption of positive rules and regulations for data protection and handling. AIBC on the other hand has established itself as a premier platform for organisations to exhibit, engage and debate and we are sure the merger of these two will be a grand success.”

Cassiopeia Services acts as the Official PR and Head of sponsorship and Partnerships for the World Ethical Data Forum. To express interest for speaking opportunities at the big data workshop and for partnership and sponsorship, please get in in touch with us via the contacts below.

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Cassiopeia Services

Stefania Barbaglio